Taking Care of People is How We Do Business

We recently received a call at The Law Offices of Brad Jackson from a woman in Dallas who needed help with a possible lawsuit. She spoke with Lisa Crook, who has been the lead legal assistant for firm attorneys Brad Jackson and Cheryl Mann for over 25 years.

Lisa usually is the first person someone speaks to when they call our offices. She relies on her years of experience to determine if we may be able to help. In this instance, Lisa quickly realized that the caller needed an attorney who regularly works in a particular area of law that our firm does not handle.

Lending a Helping Hand

Rather than simply saying we could not help, Lisa went the extra mile by researching other firms that might be better suited to work on the woman’s case. Lisa gave her helpful direction before wishing her well.

Much to our surprise, the caller posted a Google review about her experiences with Lisa and our firm. Her note is a good reminder for our team and every law firm that helping people should be our main goal. This is just another reason we are so proud that Lisa is such a key member of our team at The Law Offices of Brad Jackson:

“I wanted to leave a review for this firm on how attentive and helpful Lisa, Mr. Jackson’s legal assistant, was to me even though my particular case did not fit Mr. Jackson’s area of expertise. Lisa took the time to thoughtfully review my case and suggested other firms that would be a better fit. Although I was never a client, I can say I have never experienced such a kind and helpful person such as Lisa in the process of interviewing legal firms in regards to my case. I can only imagine the level of care they must give their actual clients but would refer to this firm based on this fact alone. Mr. Jackson’s accolades attest to his firm’s success on its own merit. Lisa went above and beyond in helping me! Having a team with such valor is an asset that in my opinion is…priceless. Thank you, Lisa.”