Cheryl Mann Details Advantages for Clients Who Use Particular Texas Legal Rule

Experienced attorney Cheryl Mann of The Law Offices of Brad Jackson recently co-authored an article for the Dallas Bar Association publication Headnotes about a simpler and more cost-effective way to resolve important issues in Texas civil lawsuits prior to trial.

Ms. Mann and Cowles & Thompson shareholder Mike Northrup wrote the piece focusing on Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 166(g), which allows courts to decide a variety of legal matters before trial without the time and expense of a full-blown motion to dismiss or a motion for summary judgment.

Legal Rule Benefits Clients in All Types of Civil Lawsuits

In the article, Ms. Mann and Mr. Northrup note the 30-year history of Rule 166(g) and how Texas courts have used the rule to streamline the focus of civil lawsuits well before trial or on the eve of trial. For example, by eliminating the requirement of a 21-day notice for a hearing on summary judgment or a motion to dismiss, Rule 166(g) motions can be decided based on whatever timeline is set by the court.

Other Rule 166(g) advantages highlighted by Ms. Mann and Mr. Northrup include the ability to get a court ruling on pivotal legal issues early in the life of a lawsuit, which allows both parties to focus on discovery matters and other important case developments. Go to Page 14 at this link to read the entire article on the Dallas Bar Association website and see the many other ways Rule 166(g) may benefit your case.

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