Brad Jackson Wins Dallas Appeals Court Ruling in Real Estate Dispute

The Texas Lawbook has published a story about The Law Offices of Brad Jackson’s recent appeals court victory for Mr. Jackson‘s clients against the City of Dallas in an “illegal taking” real estate dispute.

The case stems from Mr. Jackson’s representation of Dallas-based real estate developer 6101 Mockingbird LLC in its claims that the City of Dallas wrongfully appropriated a 10-foot strip of land along Mockingbird Lane on property the company purchased in East Dallas.

The city argued that the lawsuit filed by Mr. Jackson in Dallas County Court at Law No. 5 was not valid because 6101 Mockingbird had not exhausted its administrative remedies.

Unanimous Opinion Favors Brad Jackson’s Clients

In a unanimous, 11-page opinion issued late last month, the Fifth Court of Appeals in Dallas found that 6101 Mockingbird will be allowed to go to trial in its pursuit of more than $300,000 to account for the value of the contested property.

“Our clients are very happy that the appeals court agreed with our position and we’re looking forward to presenting our case in the trial court,” Mr. Jackson told The Texas Lawbook. “We are confident that we will prove that this is just another attempt by the City of Dallas to perform a wrongful exaction of private property without paying just compensation.”

You can read more about Mr. Jackson’s appeals court win on The Texas Lawbook‘s website here (subscription only).

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